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Rent an electric car or scooter at European Car Rental now!

Electric car or moto rental is only available in Greece at the moment.

Top destinations

Rent for 7 days, get one day free

From 1/10 to 30/3

Greece - Athens

From €9.90

Monthly lease minimum 1 month €270

From 1/10 to 30/4

We offer special rates for cars and motorcycles

Greece - Volos - Pelion

From €8.90

Rent for 7 days, get one day free

From 1/11 to 3/31

Bulgaria - Sofia

From €7.90

Coming 1/1/2022

Italy - Germany

Coming 1/1/2022

Rent 7 days, get one day free

Coming soon

Greece - Thessaloniki

Rent for 7 days, get one day free

From 15/9 to 31/3

We offer special rates for cars and motorbikes

Greece - Skiathos

From €8.90

Coming Soon

Greece - Mykonos - Rhodes

Coming Soon

Greece - Naxos - Paros

Coming Soon

Greece - Crete - Cyprus

European Car Rental pricing and availability policy

We don’t set the rates for the vehicles which are displayed on our website. We can’t guarantee the offers that our partners have.

Due to vehicle limitation and other agencies restrictions we can’t guarantee the availability of a vehicle. The agent you book the vehicle with is fully responsible for that.

European Car Rental gives you the opportunity to compare between many different agents in each location to offer you the best possible rate.

Prices change all the time, especially in High Season. Moreover, many people might be trying to book the same vehicle at the same time, and you might not be able to book the price you saw in our system. European Car Rental can’t ensure the prices. Finally, if you can’t find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us at